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    Transport Medium is generally a non-nutritive, chemically defined, buffered medium. The sole purpose of this medium is to maintain the viability of organisms during the time from collection to examination of the specimen. Transport Medium should be essentially non-nutritive so that the test organisms do not increase in numbers during transport. Klett first demonstrated the selective inhibitory effects of selenite and Guth used it to isolate Salmonella Typhi.
    Leifson fully investigated selenite and formulated the media. Enrichment media are routinely employed for detection of pathogens in faecal specimens as the pathogens are present in a very small number in the intestinal flora. Selenite Broth is useful for enriching Salmonella in the nonacute stages of illness when organisms occur in the faces in low numbers and for epidemiological studies to enhance the detection of low number of organisms from asymptomatic or convalescent patients.

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    with 2.0ml Medium recommended for enrichment of enteric organisms from fecal specimens

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