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To provide the best quality microbial products with the use of extensive research and advanced technology.

Vision: To be India’s leading manufacturers & exporters of biological products.

Titan Biotech Ltd.

Titan Biotech Limited under the brand name TM media was established in 1992 with the aim of creating optimal quality microbial products. We commenced by developing biological media bases and Peptones and have now with the consistent efforts of our team, specialized in all microbiological products that are required in Biosciences. Our ready to use culture media and absolute EM range have also made the research and pharmaceutical production much simpler and safer. For the past 30 years, Titan Biotech Ltd. has made its mark in the microbial industry by improving the strategies of culturing microbes, quality testing and environmental monitoring.

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Comprehensive Know How

Our team of diligent professionals, researchers and scientists, with expertise and experience in their respective fields keep up with the rapidly changing demands of the microbial world. The facility has supervised cleanrooms and automatic production facilities. We follow stringent protocols for the production of sterilized media.

Global Presence

Titan Biotech Limited has now marked its presence in 77 countries all across the globe. Titan Biotech Limited is one of the highly recognized brands in Southeast Asian and African countries.

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