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    Escherichia coli is the most common bacterium isolated in clinical samples, the most prevalent facultative gram-negative rods in faeces, the most common cause of urinary tract infection and a common cause of both intestinal and extra-intestinal infections. Strains of E. coli that are primary intestinal pathogens of man are described in four groups namely Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC), Enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC), Verocytotoxin-producing E. coli (VTEC) and Enteropathogenic E. coli (EPEC). EPEC causes infantile diarrhea.
    Sorbitol Iron Agar is a differential tube medium described by Rappaport and Henig. It is a modification of Kligler Iron Agar where dextrose and lactose is substituted with D-sorbitol. The pathogenic strain of E. coli is identified on the basis of inability to ferment sorbitol and hydrogen sulfide production.

  • Principle

    for identifcation and differentiation of enteropathogenic E.coli without fermenting sorbitol

  • Microorganism

    • Enterobacter aerogenes
    • Enterococcus faecalis
    • Escherichia coli
    • Klebsiella pneumoniae
    • Proteus vulgaris
    • Salmonella Typhimurium
    • Shigella flexneri
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    • 500 gm
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