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  • Description

    Rappaport Vassiliadis Medium, is a modification of the formulation by Van Schothorst et al and is recommended for the selective enrichment of Salmonellae from food specimens by FDA BAM, 1998. Salmonella generally survive at little high osmotic pressure, grow at slightly low pH and are resistant to malachite green compared to other bacteria. Salmonellae constitute the most taxonomically complex group of bacteria among the Enterobacteriaceae. Human Salmonella infections are most commonly caused by ingestion of food, water or milk contaminated by human or animal excreta. Contaminated eggs or foods containing eggs have also been a source of food borne salmonellosis.

  • Principle

    for selective enrichment of Salmonella spp.

  • Microorganism

    • Escherichia coli
    • Salmonella Enteritidis
    • Salmonella typhi
    • Salmonella Typhimurium
  • Industry

    • NA
  • Regulation

    • NA
  • Pack Size

    • 100 gm
    • 500 gm
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