Product Code TM 826

  • Description

    Phosphate Buffer, APHA, pH 7.2 is prepared as recommended by APHA. It is used as a diluent in the examination of water, dairy products, foods and other specimens. Phosphate Buffer, APHA, pH 7.2 is also recommended for use with the addition of magnesium chloride. As per APHA and FDA, this medium is also referred to as Butterfields Buffered Phosphate Diluent and is mentioned without Magnesium chloride. Phosphate buffer is preferred over unbuffered water in order to standardize the wide variation in the pH of distilled water from various sources.

  • Principle

    for preparation of diffution and blanks for testing of water, foods and dairy products

  • Microorganism

    • Not available
  • Industry

    • NA
  • Regulation

    • NA
  • Pack Size

    • 100 gm
    • 500 gm
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