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  • Description

    This medium is prepared by using vegetable peptones in place of animal based peptones which makes the medium free of BSE/TSE risks free. Kligler developed a Lead Acetate Medium for differentiation of typhoid-paratyphoid group. Kligler further evaluated this medium by combining the principles of Russell Double Sugar Medium. Bailey and Lacey substituted phenol red for the Andrade?s indicator from the previous formulation permitting the differentiation of gram-negative bacilli on their ability to ferment dextrose, lactose and hydrogen sulphide production. Kligler Iron Veg Agar differentiates lactose fermenters from nonfermenters. Kligler Iron HiVeg Agar is the modification of Kligler Iron Agar with the use of vegetable peptones and serves the same purpose. It differentiates Salmonella serotype Typhi from other Salmonellae and also Salmonella serotype Paratyphi A from Salmonella serotype Scottmuelleri and Salmonella serotype Enteritidis.
    Sodium thiosulphate and ferrous sulphate accelerate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) production. Phenol red is the pH indicator. Fermentation of dextrose is indicated by yellow butt and that of lactose by yellow slant and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) production is indicated by blackening in the butt. Pure cultures of suspected organisms from plating media such as MacConkey Veg Agar, Bismuth Sulphite Veg Agar, Deoxycholate Citrate Veg Agar, SS Veg Agar etc. are inoculated on Kligler Iron Veg Agar for identification.

  • Principle

    for di?erential identi?cation of gram negative enteric bacilli from clinical and non-clinical samples on the basis of fermentation of dextrose and lactose as well as H2S production

  • Microorganism

    • Citrobacter freundii
    • Escherichia coli
    • Klebsiella aerogenes
    • Klebsiella pneumoniae
    • Proteus vulgaris
    • Salmonella Paratyphi A
    • Salmonella Schottmuelleri
    • Salmonella typhi
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    • 100 gm
    • 500 gm
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