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    Aspergillus belongs to the group Ascomycota, members of which are generally referred as Ascomycetes. Aspergillus brasiliensis is one of the most common species of the genus Aspergillus and ubiquitously present in soil. Aspergillus brasiliensis is cultured for the industrial production of many substances. Various strains of Aspergillus brasiliensis are used in the industrial preparation of citric acid and gluconic acid. These substances have been assessed as acceptable for daily intake by the World Health Organisation. Many enzymes are also produced using Aspergillus brasiliensis. These include glucoamylase and a-galactosidase, and other medications which claim to prevent flatulence. Another use of Aspergillus brasiliensis in the biotechnology industry is in the production of magnetic isotope-containing variants of biological macromolecules for NMR analysis. Czapek Yeast Extract Agar is recommended for the cultivation and maintenance of Aspergillus brasiliensis. This medium supports the abundant growth of almost all saprophytic Aspergilli.

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    for cultivation and maintenance of Aspergillus brasiliensis

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    • Aspergillus brasiliensis
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    • NA
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    • 500 gm
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