Product Code TRM 361

  • Description

    BHI Agar Medium is a general purpose plating medium used for the isolation, cultivation, and maintenance of a variety of fastidious and nonfastidious microorganisms. It is a modification of the original formulation of Rosenow in which the brain tissue has been replaced by brain extract and the calcium carbonate by di-sodium hydrogen phosphate. This medium will also support the growth of aerobic microorganisms from a variety of clinical and non-clinical specimens. For selective isolation of fungi, addition of gentamicin and/or chloramphenicol is recommended.

  • Principle

    for cultivation of fastidious microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and molds

  • Microorganism

    • Candida albicans
    • Escherichia coli
    • Shigella flexneri
    • Staphylococcus aureus
    • Streptococcus pneumonia
  • Industry

    • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Regulation

    • NA
  • Pack Size

    • 100 ml x 25
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