Antibiotic Sensitivity Discs

Antibiotic Sensitivity Discs

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Discs are made from specially selected filter paper that adheres to the standards of WHO, FDA and CLSI, satisfies the requirements and has excellent antibacterial stability.

These antimicrobial discs come in cartridges and vials. Impregnation of the discs ensures that the solution is applied accurately across the paper. The drying procedure does not cause any deterioration in antimicrobial activity.

For easy identification, each disc has a 6 mm diameter with symbols and concentrations for each antibiotic. A special clip ejector is included with some packaging that allows you to eject one disc at a time from Petri plates.

In most clinical laboratories, antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacterial and fungal isolates is a widespread and significant procedure. The results of these tests are used for the selection of the most appropriate antimicrobial agent(s) for treatment against infectious organisms.

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