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TM Media awarded by Economic Times “Economic Times Most Influential Leaders.”

Published: 2nd Aug 2022, 17:53

Recently, TM Media (Titan Biotech Ltd) was presented with the ‘Economic Times Most Influential Leaders Award‘ by Economic Times. The achievements of these leaders have also been chronicled in ET Now TV Episode called ET Most Influential Leaders and showcase their inspiring work in their respective sectors in a spectacular style. These leaders are also covered in an exclusive article on, to highlight their achievements.

TM Media is a manufacturer of a vast microbiology product portfolio ranging from biological media bases, Dehydrated Culture Media and Supplements, Antibiotic Discs to all variants of Ready to Use Media. Its Ready to Use Culture Media and Absolute EM range has also made the research and detection much simpler and safer. For the past 30 years, Titan Biotech Ltd. has made its mark in the microbial industry by improving the strategies of culturing microbes, quality testing and environmental monitoring.

On this occasion Mr Udit Singla, Vice President, TM Media said “Over the years the demand for our products has increased manifolds and we have successfully catered to all of them. We feel humbled to say that with our consistent efforts towards delivering quality products we have successfully emerged as one of the reputable suppliers across the globe.”

TM Media the Microbiology wing of Titan Biotech Limited is a one-stop destination for all types of microbiological products. The company’s team of diligent professionals, researchers and scientists, with expertise and experience in their respective fields keep up with the rapidly changing demands of the microbial world. Over the years the demand for its product has increased manifolds and it have successfully catered to all of them. The company feels humbled to say that with its consistent efforts towards delivering quality products and adherence to stringent protocols for the production of sterilized media has eventually made the company one of the reputable suppliers across the globe.

The accolades and admirers of its products speak for the quality and integrity of its products. At TM Media, they provide the best microbiological products that are an essential need for the following industries – Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Biotechnology & Fermentation, Medical industries, Cosmetic & Agricultural products. The company has presence in more than 77 countries.

TM Media’s constant effort has certified the company at both national and international platforms and honoured the company with the following certifications that allows its customers to have reliability on its products.

The company has all the required certifications GMP, ISO 11133: 2014, ISO 13485: 2016, FSSC 22000, FSSAI, EU Certificate, ISO 9001:2015.

TM Media is delighted to receive this prestigious Influential Leaders award by Economic Times. This would not have been possible without the sincere and dedicated efforts of each of its team members.

Economic Times Most Influential Leaders, is the platform of The Economic Times to showcase businesses & entrepreneurs who are visionaries. It is a platform to honour the Achievers, Innovators and Leaders across industries both consumer facing and business facing.

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