Microbial Air Monitoring System

Product Code TME 005

  • Description

    The equipment uses isokinetic sampling, which delivers uniform airflow across the surface of an agar plate at high velocity for quick analysis. A specified volume of air is passed through small holes or slits onto a petri plate containing culture medium for a specified period of time. After the cycle is complete, the plate is removed from the air sampler and incubated, and visible colonies are counted to determine the level of contamination. This will result in the number of viable microorganisms present in each liter of air in the area being calculated.

  • Principle

    Accuracy: The instrument is validated as per BS EN ISO 14698 – Part 1, for physical and biological efficiency. The equipment offers PC connectivity to meet 21 CFR: Part 11 requirements.
    Easy-to-Use: Simple menu navigation and built-in operational protocols make operations simple. The instrument is lightweight and portable, with a strong carrying case.
    Favourable Design: The unique slit design avoids turbulence in unidirectional airflow and re-aspiration of tested air.
    Flexibility: The unit has inbuilt adaptors for 90 mm and 55 mm plates; there is no need to make any modifications for 55mm contact plates.
    Customization: For sampling, the user can choose from pre-set volumes of air or easily customize it.
    Convenience: The users can easily export and print data through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
    Data Management: The equipment can store up to 10,000 entry logs, and this data can be accessed anytime in the Microbial Air Monitoring System.
    Data Protection: The data is secured with individual user credentials and three-level authority management.

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  • Industry

    • Clinical Diagnostics
    • Cosmetics
    • Pharmaceutical
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    • 1 Pcs
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