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For selective isolation of Vibrio cholerae & other enteropathogenic Vibrios causing food poisoning.      TCBS  AGAR  (VIBRIO  SELECTIVE  AGAR)  is  highly  selective  for  the  isolation  of Vibrio  choleraeand V.parahaemolyticusfrom stool specimens, and specified in standard methods for food testing.     This highly selective medium meets the nutritional requirements ofVibriospeciesand allows competing with  intestinal  flora. Vibriospeciesis  able  to  grow  in  media  containing  increased  salt  concentrations. Vibrio speciesare natural inhabitants of water.       Proteose peptoneand Yeast extract are the sole sources of carbon, nitrogen, vitamin B -complex, minerals and  amino  acids  in  the  medium.  Sodium  thiosulphate  serves  as  a  sulphur  source  and,  in  combination with   Ferric   citrate,   detects   hydrogen   sulphide   production.   Sucrose   is   included   as   a   fermentable carbohydrate  for  the  metabolism  of Vibrio.  Inhibition  of  gram-positive  bacteria  is  achived  by  the incorporation of Ox bile, which is a synthetic occurring substance and suppresses primarily Enterococci. Ox bilealso helps to inhibit gram -positive bacteria.        The alkaline pH of the medium enhances the recovery of V. choleraebecause this organism is sensitive to acid  environments.  Thymol  blue  and  Bromothymol  blue  are  included  as  indicators  of  pH  changes. Sodium  citrate  and  Sodium  thiosulphate  are  the  selective agents,  providing  an  alkaline  pH  to  inhibit gram-positive  organism  and  suppress coliforms.  Agar  is  the  solidifying  agent.  TCBS  Agar deeps  (pour tubes)  are  provided  in  a  20  ml  fill  so  that  the  medium  may  be  liquefied  and  poured  into  a  petri  plates. This provides a convenient source of medium with a longer shelf -life than pre-poured plated media.
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