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    These media are prepared by completely replacing animal based peptones with vegetable peptones that makes the media free of BSE/TSE risks. Tergitol-7 Veg Media are the modifications of Tergitol-7 Media originally designed by Chapman and later on modified by incorporating 2,3,5-Triphenyl Tetrazolium Chloride (TTC) into the medium. These media are selective and differential and are used for the detection and enumeration of coliform organisms. Pollard has reported the selective bactericidal property of sodium heptadecyl sulphate (Tergitol-7). Kulp etal corroborated the use of Tergitol-7 Agar with TTC in routine analysis of water and Mossel used this medium for the examination of food materials. Tergitol-7 Veg Media like the conventional media can be corborated with TTC in the routine analysis of water and examination of food materials. Tergitol-7 Veg Agar H is a modification of Tergitol-7 Veg Agar and is used for isolation of enteric bacilli from urine samples.
    Lactose fermenting organisms form yellow colonies with yellow zones while Klebsiella and Enterobacter form greenish colonies. Lactose non fermenters produce blue colonies. TTC is reduced in the bacterial cell to form formazan, a red coloured insoluble complex, thereby producing red coloured colonies. Veg peptone No.3 is a source of nitrogen, amino acids, carbon. Yeast extract provides trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

  • Principle

    for selective isolation and identifcation of coliform bacteria from water

  • Microorganism

    • Enterobacter aerogenes
    • Escherichia coli
    • Salmonella serotype Typhimurium
    • Shigella flexneri
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    • 100 gm
    • 500 gm
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