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About Us

Titan Biotech Ltd. continues to build on the well-established Life Sciences product line we have manufactured and supplied under brand name TM Media since 1992. For over twenty five years, Titan Biotech Ltd. has committed its Research and Development Department as one of the leading producer of reliable and high quality Microbiological & Biotechnological products with an emphasis on service, value and customer satisfaction.

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Viral Transport Kit

Complete kit for testing COVID-19 specimens with Nasopharyngeal /Oropharyngeal swabs.Recommended by CDC and WHO for Covid-19.



Sheep Blood Agar plate is used for cultivation of fastidious organisms and studying haemolytic reactions.


Antibiotic Sensitivity Discs

Antibiotic Sensitivity Discs used for determination of susceptibility of bacteria to antimicrobial agents, applying in vitro diffusion method.

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TM Media - Microbiology Culture Media Manufacturer and Exporter
904, 9th Floor, Bigjos Tower, Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi, 110034

Delhi, India

+919999168770, +91-11-71239900