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    Some organisms metabolize glucose oxidatively and others ferment glucose fermentatively when the hydrogen acceptor is not oxygen. Such organisms can be differentiated based on the Oxidation Fermentation Test. This test is also known as the ?oxferm? test. MOF medium is a modified version of the formula originally developed by Leifson; used for differentiating oxidative and fermentative carbohydrate metabolizing marine bacteria. The marine environment of the oceans illustrates a different view of microbial populations in water. In the high salt concentration of ocean water, halophillic or salt- loving microorganisms survive. In addition, the organisms must be psychrophilic since it is very cold below the surface. Those at bottom must also withstand great pressure and are therefore barophilic or pressure loving.
    For differentiating the fermentation and oxidation of carbohydrates, inoculate two tubes of medium containing carbohydrate with each culture to be tested. Cover one medium tube of each culture with sterile melted petrolatum to form a layer of about one inch in height.
    Carbohydrate -fermenting marine bacteria change the colour of the medium in both the tubes (covered and uncovered) from red to yellow whereas carbohydrate-oxidizing marine bacteria change the colour of the medium from red to yellow only in the uncovered (open) tube. Marine bacteria that are neither oxidative nor fermentation do not exhibit any change in the covered medium and exhibit an alkaline (red to deep pink) reaction in the uncovered medium. Gas production is detected as splitting or displacement of agar or formation of small bubbles. Motile organisms form a diffuse zone of growth originating from the line of inoculation. Non-motile organisms grow along the line of inoculation.

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    for differentiation of marine bacteria by fermentative and oxidative metabolism of carbohydrates

  • Microorganism

    • Vibrio cholerae
    • Vibrio parahaemolyticus
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    • 500 gm
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