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    Malt Extract medium is recommended for the isolation, detection and enumeration of yeasts and moulds. Malt Extract Agar has been used for many years for the detection of yeast and moulds in a wide variety of materials including dairy products and foods. The medium is also suitable for maintaining stock cultures of fungi. Reddish described a medium prepared from malt extract which was an acceptable substitute for wort. Following the formula of Reddish, Thom and Church used Malt extract as a base from which they prepared the complete media.
    Streak the specimen as soon as possible after it is received in the laboratory. Consult appropriate references for information regarding the processing and inoculation of specimens. For isolation of fungi from potentially contaminated specimen, a selective medium should be inoculated along with the non-selective medium. Incubate the plates at 25 to 30?C with increased humidity for upto 7 days. Examine the plates for fungal colonies and for confirmation, perform biochemical test and serological diagnosis.

  • Principle

    for isolation, detection and enumeration of yeasts and moulds

  • Microorganism

    • Aspergillus brasiliensis
    • Candida albicans
    • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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    • NA
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    • 500 gm
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