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    Ayers and Rupp discovered that haemolytic Streptococci from human and bovine sources could be differentiated by their ability to hydrolyze sodium hippurate. Facklam et al modified the procedure for the presumptive identification of group A, B and D Streptococci. The ability of an organism to hydrolyze sodium hippurate is one of the tests that aid in the differentiation of bovine beta haemolytic group B Streptococci, from human ?-haemolytic group B Streptococci. Differentiation of ?-haemolytic group B Streptococci from ?-haemolytic group A Streptococci and non-enterococcal group D Streptococci is also aided by the determination of hippurate hydrolysis by enzymatic activity to form benzoic acid as the end product

  • Principle

    For detection of hippurate hydrolysing microorganisms

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