Product Code TM 988

  • Description

    ECD Agar is used for detection of coliforms, especially, Escherichia coli in water, food and other samples using membrane filter technique. The water sample is filtered through filter membranes, which are then placed on ECD Agar and incubated overnight. Lay a drop of Kovac’s Indole Reagent on the colonies. Indole positive colonies form a red zone around the colony. Indole positive colonies are enumerated as E.coli.

  • Principle

    for selective isolation of coliforms, especially E.coli in water & food by membrane filter technique

  • Microorganism

    • Escherichia coli
    • Salmonella typhi
    • Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus
  • Industry

    • NA
  • Regulation

    • NA
  • Pack Size

    • 500 gm
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