Product Code TM 089

  • Description

    Deoxycholate Lactose Agar is a modification of Deoxycholate Agar as described by Leifson and prepared according to formula specified in Standard Methods for Examination of Dairy Products Water and Waste Water and Food for the detection of coliform bacilli. It differs from Deoxycholate Agar by its decreased concentration of sodium deoxycholate. Pour plate method is carried out using suitable dilutions. A thin layer of additional agar can be poured over the solidified pour plates to facilitate enumeration.
    Deoxycholate Lactose Agar is selective against gram-positive organisms which are inhibited by optimum concentration of sodium deoxycholate and sodium citrate in the medium. It helps to differentiate between lactose fermenting and non-fermenting enteric bacilli.

  • Principle

    for isolation and enumeratrion of coliforms in water, milk and dairy products

  • Microorganism

    • Escherichia coli
    • Klebsiella aerogenes
    • Salmonella Typhimurium
  • Industry

    • Food & Beverages
    • Water
  • Pack Size

    • 100 gm
    • 500 gm
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