TM Media is a world-class microbiology brand as we are the largest, leading and exclusive manufacturer of Microbiological Culture Media with over 1900 media formulations. We supply a comprehensive, high quality standard product range in different arrangements and an extensive variety of volumes and compartments to fulfill all the diverse business part's consistence criteria and research center necessities. Our culture media proficiency and thorough quality standards & guidelines have made us an ideal supplier and trusted source of microbiological culture media to laboratories around the globe.

These culture media's formed with basic ingredients, contains all the nutrients which is required for microbial growth. In addition to these microbiological culture media, they contain trace metals, minerals, vitamins, and animal serum. The high density growth media also contain phosphate and organic buffers which maintain the medium pH near optimal at high cell density for E.coli growth. Furthermore, the high density growth media contain different sugars as carbon or energy sources for high density cell growth.

Certificates of Quality are accessible.