TM Media continually endeavors to accomplish the ideal level of immaculateness in its range. With our in-depth experience of 26 years and broad specialized expertise we give our customer the quality they require. We are supplying excellent, high virtue products for your life's exploration.
Our Laboratory Chemicals are available in different grades like Extra Pure (EP) / Analytical Reagent (AR) / Molecular Biology (MB).
Our full product range is manufactured at our manufacturing units meeting the stringent quality necessities of different evaluations.
Building solid connections, providing quality products and outperforming customer desires have been the key drivers of TM Media.

Our product offering comprises of:

  • Laboratory Chemicals (EP & AR Grade)
  • Molecular Biology Chemicals
  • Molecular Biological Chemicals
  • Acids & Solvents
  • Microbiological Lab Consumables – Anaerobic Jar System, Disposable Spreaders, Disposable Loops, Petri Plates.
  • Ready Made Staining & Indicator Solution 

and many more……