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for investigating carbon and nitrogen requirements of yeasts.  (Store Below 8ºC)
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TM 499
YEAST NITROGEN BASE W/O AMINO ACIDS is used for investigating carbon and nitrogen requirements of yeasts. Yeasts are unicellular, eukaryotic, budding cells that are generally round-to-oval or elongate in shape, they multiply principally by the production of blasto conidia (buds). Yeast colonies are moist and creamy or glabrous to membranous in texture. Yeast Nitrogen Base media have been prepared according to the formulas of Wickerham and Burkholder. Yeast Nitrogen Base w/o Amino acids, which lacks the amino acids histidine, methionine and tryptophane. Yeast Nitrogen Base is a suitable medium for studying strains of yeast and also provides an excellent source to cultivate and select auxothophic strains of yeasts that require certain nutrients and vitamins. Sodium chloride and Calcium chloride maintain the osmotic environment of the medium. The addition of a carbon source, i.e., dextrose or galactose, is required.

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