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For isolation and enumeration of Salmonella typhi and other Salmonella species.  XLD  AGAR,  MODIFIEDis  a  differential  media  used  for  isolation  and enumeration  ofSalmonella  typhiotherSalmonella species. Formulated as per ISO 6579 standard.   Medium  contains  Yeast  extracts  as  source  ofvitamins  and  minerals.  Sodium  deoxycholate  acts  as  a selective agent,which is inhibitory to Gram-positive bacteriaandsuppressesother enteric pathogens and enhances the growth of few enteric bacilli.     Xylose  as  a  fermentable  carbohydrate,which  is  utilized  by Salmonellaspecies. Fermentation  of  Xyloseleads to medium  colour change  to  red  indicated  by Phenol  redindicator. Medium  also contains  Lactose and Sucrose as the source of fermentable sugar.      L-lysine  is  an  essential  amino  acid  source.  Lysine  is  added  to  differentiate Salmonella species.  Sodium chloride   maintainsosmotic   balance.   Sodium   thiosulphate   and   Ferric   ammonium   citrate   helps in development  of black  centered  colonies  on  production  of  hydrogen  sulphide  in  the  medium.  Agar  is added as a solidifying agent.
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TM 1621