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For estimation of Lactobacilli, an indication of caries activity.
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TM 035
B.C.G DEXTROSE AGAR is used for estimation of Lactobacilli, an indicator of caries activity. It is also called SYNDER TEST AGAR. This agar is named on the name on the scientist Synder, who described a colorometric method for determining the rate and amount of acid produced by microrganism in saliva. Later on scientist Alban modified the procedure and observed that his procedure is to be more accurate than the original procedure. Dental caries result from microbial acid and Plague formation. The stage is set for caries by Plague because it collects the acid forming bacteria on the tooth surface and for fermentation it supplies an anaerobic environment. That traps the acid and excludes the protective saliva. Caries lesions basically are the outcome of the chemical attack on the Enamel and Dentin. Synder procedure makes of an agar known as SYNDER TEST AGAR. SYNDER TEST AGAR is a differential medium that based on the acid production rate from dextrose, by acidogenic microorganism that are oral from buccal cavity and reported by colour change of the indicator – Bromocresol green from blue green to yellow, Where Bromocresol green is the pH indicator, Dextrose is the Carbohydrate source and carbon, nitrogen, vitamins and minerals are provided by Peptic digest of animal tissue.

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