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or differentiation between faecal coliforms and members of the aerogenes group on the basis of citrate utilization. It is recommended by BIS committee under specification IS:5887 (Part I) 1976, reaffirmed 2005.        SIMMONS  CITRATE  AGAR  (as  per  BIS) is  used for  differentiation  between  faecal  coliforms  and members  of  the  aerogenes  group  on  the  basis  of  citrate  utilization.  Initially  the  citrate  medium  was developed  by  Koser  containing  ammonium  salt  as  the only  nitrogen  source  and  citrate  as  the  only  carbonsource  for  differentiating Escherichia coli  and Enterobacter  aerogenes  by  IMViC  tests.  Later  on  Simmons modified Kosers formulation by adding agar and bromothymol blue.  Sodium  citrate  and  ammonium  dihydrogen  phosphate  serves  as  the  sole  nitrogen  and  carbon  source. Bromo  thymol  blue  is  the  pH  indicator.  The  organisms  produce  an  alkaline  reaction  which  is  indicated  by the change in colour from green to blue.
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