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Sheep Blood Agar Base, Modified with added sheep blood was developed to allow maximum recovery of B. CEREUS without interfering with their haemolytic reactions. This medium is formulated in accordance with ISO. It was formulated to be compatible with sheep blood and give improved haemolytic reactions of organisms.   BACILLUS CEREUS is Gram -positive aerobic or facultatively anaerobic, motile, spore forming, rod shaped bacterium that is widely distributed environmentally. B. CEREUS is associated mainly with food poisoning it is increasingly reported to be cause of serious and fatal non- gastointestinal-tract.
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TMP 018
Medium contains nutritional components like enzymatic digest of casein, enzymatic digest of soya and the addition of sodium chloride provides an osmotically balanced medium for bacterial cells. The addition of 5% defibrinated sheep blood allows for the determination of hemolytic reactions, an important differential characteristic.

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