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For isolation and enrichment of Salmonella species from faeces, urine or other pathological materials.     Selenite F Broth is recommended as an enrichment medium for the isolation of Salmonella species from faeces, urine or other pathological materials .The formulation corresponds to that of recommended by the Indian Pharmacopoeia for detection of Salmonella in foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and pathological materials. Enrichment media are routinely employed for detection of pathogens in faecal specimens as the pathogens are present in a very small number in the intestinal flora. Selenite F Broth is useful for detecting Salmonella in the nonacute stages of illness when organisms occur in the test sample in low numbers and for epidemiological studies to enhance the detection of low number of organisms from asymptomatic or convalescent patients.          Peptone provides nitrogenous substances and other essential ingredients. Lactose maintains the pH of medium. Selenite is reduced by bacterial growth and alkali is produced. An increase in pH lessens the toxicity of the selenite and results in overgrowth of other bacteria. The acid produced by bacteria due to lactose fermentation serves to maintain a neutral pH. Sodium phosphate maintains a stable pH and also lessens the toxicity of selenite. Do not incubate the broth longer than 24 hours as inhibitory effect of selenite decreases after 6 - 12 hours of incubation.
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