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For determining susceptibility of microorganisms to antifungal agents. RPMI-1640 medium developed by Moore et al., at Roswell Park Memorial Institute is well known media used for cell culturing. The CLSI have published a reference method for broth dilution antifungal susceptibility testing of Yeast. Also, for use with the gradient-strip method when testing Candida spp. directly from colonies grown on nonselective media. RPMI-1640 Agar can be used to determine MIC values for various antifungal agents. The formulation is based on the RPMI-1630 series of media utilizing a bicarbonate buffering system and alterations in amount of amino acid and vitamins. Amino acids, vitamins and salts provide essential nutrients. Glucose is the carbohydrate source. MOPS buffers the media. Agar acts as solidifying agent.
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