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For determination of plate counts of microorganisms in milk & dairy products by pour plate method.  This medium is prepared by replacing Casein enzymic hydrolysate with Veg hydrolysate which is  free  from  BSE/  TSE  risks.  Plate  Count  Agar  (Veg)  is  the  modification  of  Plate  Count  Agar formulated as described by Buchbinder et al and which is also recommended by APHA.       Plate Count Agar (Veg) is also suitable for finding out bacterial count from sterile rooms. To obtain countable plates for foods having low colony counts, low dilutions must be used. The samples are diluted and appropriate dilutions are placed in petri plates. Sterile molten agar is added to these plates and plates are rotated gently to ensure uniform mixing of the sample with agar. For some food this results in the presence of food particles in the plate, which makes it difficult to distinguish easily  for  accurate  counting.  This  problem  can  be  overcome  by  adding  1  ml  of  0.5%  2,3,5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride per 100 ml of melted agar medium just prior to pouring the plates. Most bacteria form red colonies on an agar medium containing TTC.        This   Medium  contain  Veg  hydrolysate  which  provides amino   acids  and   other  complex nitrogenous substances. Yeast extract supplies Vitamin B complex. Dextrose act as a rich carbon source and Agar is solidifying agent in the medium.
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TMV 363