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for cultivation of enteric bacteria and gram positive organisms.
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TSM 378


Product Code Product Name Description
TM 1894 BUFFERED CHARCOAL YEAST EXTRACT AGAR MEDIUM ( ISO 11731-2017) For selective isolation and cultivation of Legionella species from cooling towers, water samples, `... 5624 36753
TM 118A GIOLITTI- CANTONI BROTH BASE ( ISO 6888-3-2003) For selective enrichment of Staphylococcus aureus from foods. 5581 34123
TM 1881 BACILLUS CEREUS SELECTIVE AGAR BASE (MYP) (ISO 7932:2004) selective isolation and enumeration of Bacillus cereus. Bacillus cereus Selective Agar Base is used... 5518 34132
TM 1875 MacCONKEY BROTH PURPLE W/ BCP (ISO 9308-2-1990) For presumptive identification of coliforms from water. MacConkey Broth Purple w/ BCP is a... 5334 34138
TM 1883 BILE ESCULIN AZIDE AGAR (ISO 7899-2:2000) For isolation and presumptive identification of faecal streptococci. (ISO 7899-2 : 2000). Bile... 5326 36631
TM 1878 ALKALINE SALINE PEPTONE WATER (ASPW) (ISO/TS 21872-1&2:2007) For enrichment of Vibrio species from food and water samples in accordance with ISO.  Vibrio is a... 5319 34153
TM 1850 UREA INDOLE MEDIUM (ISO 10273:2003) for differentiation of microorganism especially Enterobacteriaceae on the basis of their ability to... 5014 40410
TM 1849 TRYPTONE WATER (ISO 7253:1993, 9308-1:1993) for detection of indole production by coliforms 5012 36700
TM 1097 SYNTHETIC SEA SALT(ISO 9308-3:1998 / ISO 7899-1:1998) for preparation of special diluents 5009
TM 1848 SALT POLYMYXIN BROTH BASE (ISO 8914:1990) for detection and enumeration of Vibrio species 5003