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Macconkey Agar is used for the isolation, enumeration and enrichment of Enterobacteriaceae. MacCONKEY AGAR is  used  for  detection  and  isolation  of  Gram-negative  organisms  fromwater4,pharmaceutical1,2,3and  industrial5sources.  MacCONKEY AGAR  conforms  to  harmonized  USP/EU/JP1,2,3. Pancreatic   digest   of   Gelatin   is   the nitrogen   and   vitamin   sources   in   MacConkey Agar.   Lactose Monohydrate  is  the  fermentable  carbohydratewith  Neutral  red  serving  as  the  pH  indicator.Sodium chloride maintains the osmotic balance. Agar is the solidifying agent. Bile salts mixture and Crystal violet are  the  selective  agents,  inhibiting  Gram-positive cocci  and  allowing  Gram-negative organisms to  grow. Lactose fermenting strains grow as red or pink and may be surrounded by a zone of acid precipitated bile. The red colour is due to production of acid from lactose, absorption of Neutral red and a subsequent colour change of  the  dye  when  the  pH  of  medium  falls  below  6.8.  Lactose  non-fermenting  strains,  such  as Shigella and Salmonella are  colourless  and  transparent  and  typically  do  not  alter  appearanceof  the  medium. Inoculate MacCONKEY AGAR  (TMH  110) medium  with  a  small  number  (not  more  than  100  cfu)  of  the  appropriate microorganism  and  incubate  at35±2°C  for  18-24  hours.  The  growth  of  colonies  indicates  the  possible presence of Escherichia coliand it shows red colour colonies.
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TMH 110