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For enumeration of Escherichia coli in water by membrane filter technique.    M-LAURYL SULPHATE BROTHis used for enumeration of Escherichia coli in water by membrane filter technique. Scientist  ‘Burman’substituted Teepol  in  place  of  bile  salts  in  the Membrane  Enriched Teepol Broth, a membrane filtration test medium used to detect coliform organisms in water. The replacement of bile salts by Teepol was previously mentioned by other microbiology groups. Membrane LaurylSulphate Broth  is  similar  to  Membrane  Enriched  Teepol  Broth  except  that  the  selective  agent  Teepol  has  been replaced by 0.1% (w/v) sodium lauryl sulphate. Peptic digest of animal tissue and Yeast extract provide carbon, nitrogen, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and other essential nutrients for growth. Lactose serves asa fermentable carbohydrate source.Phenol red is the indicator and change from red to yellow  because  of  the  acid  production  from  the  fermentation.  Sodium  lauryl  sulphate  inhibits  grampositive organisms. Mix the brothand pour the contents evenly over theabsorbent pad and place the lidon  the  Petri plates.Filter  sample  or  diluted  sampleusing  a  47mm  white  gridded0.45  μm  membrane filter,  gridside  up. Transfer the  filter  to thepreviously  prepared  Petri platesusingsterile  forceps.  Place the  filter  grid  side  up, ontothe  absorbent  pad with  a slightrolling  motion. Check  for trappedair  under the  filter  and  make  surethe  filter  touches  the  entire  pad.Replace  the  Petri plate’slid.  Invert  the  Petri platesand  incubateat  35°C and  at 440Cfor  24  hours.Yellow  colour  colonies  are  formed  for  the confirmation of E.coli. Count the colonies. Use a10 to 15X microscopeif necessary.
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