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For detection and enumeration of coliform bacteria in water, waste water, dairy products and other food sample.     
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TM 150
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LAURYL SULPHATE BROTH is usedfor the detection and enumeration of coliform bacteria in water, and food products. Lauryl  sulphate  broth  promotes  a  rich  growth  and  copious  gas  production  from small  inocula  of  coliform  organisms.  Aerobic  sporing  bacteria  are  completely  inhibited.  Tryptone provides the  nitrogen, carbon compounds, vitamins and amino acids. Lactose is the fermentable sugar. Sodium  chloride  maintains  the  osmotic  balance  of  the  medium.  Dipotassium  phosphate  and  Mono potassium  phosphate  controls  the  pH  during  fermentation  of  Lactose.  Lactose-positive  bacteria metabolize  lactose  with  gas  formation  is  indicated by  using  inverted  Durham  tubes.  Incubate  at  the wished  temperature  for  18-24  hours.  In  case  of  gas formation  the  Durham  tubes  rise  or/and  show bubbles.  Turbidity  of  the  medium  accompanied  by  formation  of  gas  within  48  hours  is  a  positive presumptive  test  for  the  presence  of E. coli and/or  other coliform organisms.  Prepared  Broth  becomes cloudy if stored at 2-8°C, but it should get cleared at room temperature. If there is fermentation in the tube  incubated  at  44°C  after  8  to  24  hours,  perform  indole  test  by  adding  Kovac‘s  reagent  (TR  008).  A positive indole test in a broth tube showing gas production at 44°C indicates the presence of Escherichia coli. If no fermentation occurs in the tube incubated at 37°C after 24 hours, the primary fermentation is assumed to be due to organisms other than coliforms.