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For detection of pigment production by Pseudomonas species.  King B Medium is prepared according to the formula described by King et al. This medium can be used as a general medium for the non-selective isolation and pigment production of PSEUDOMONAS species from foods, cosmetic samples etc. Pseudomonas is known to produce two types of pigments, pyocyanin and fluorescein (pyoverdin). King’s Medium B Broth favors the production or pyoverdin and inhibits the production of pyocyanin. The fluorescein produced by Pseudomonas is a greenish yellow fluorescent pigment that is clearly visible in the medium. Medium contains Peptone which helps to provides amino acids, nitrogen, carbon, vitamins and minerals for growth. Glycerol is a carbon and energy source. Potassium phosphate acts as buffer. Magnesium sulfate provides cations activate pyoverdin production.
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