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For differential & selective isolation of Salmonella and Shigella from samples.      HEKTOEN  ENTERIC  AGAR  (VEG.) is  formulated  by  King  and Metzger  to  isolate Shigella  and Salmonella species.  The  medium  contains  Synthetic  detergent  which  is  inhibitory  to  Gram-positive bacteria and many Gram- negative bacteria. The medium contains Veg. PP peptone as an essential amino acid and nitrogen supplement. Vegetable extract is added as the source of vitamins and other growth factors.  Sodium  chloride  helps  maintaining  the  osmotic  balance  of  the  cells  in  the  medium.  Lactose present in the medium makes helps to differentiate lactose fermenters from non- lactose fermenters like Salmonella  and  late-lactose  fermenters  like Shigella.  The  medium  contains  other  carbon  sources  like Sucrose  and  Salicin  for  optimal  differentiation  of enteric  pathogens  based  on  their  ability  to  fermentdifferent sugars. Acid fuschin and  Bromo thymol blue acts as a pH indicator in the medium. E. coli is partially inhibited wherein they grow to a limited extent utilizing all the three sugars like lactose, Sucrose and Salicin; forming salmon or orange coloured colonies in the medium. Sodium thiosulphate and Ferric ammonium citrate helps in differentiation of H2S producing coliforms. The H2S producing coliforms like Proteus and Salmonella grow in the medium forming clear colony with a black center. Agar is added in the medium as a solidifying agent.
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TMV 121