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For isolation and cultivation of halophilic bacteria. Halophiles are salt loving organisms that flourish in saline environments and can be classified as slightly, moderately or extremely halophilic, depending on their requirement for sodium chloride. Although most marine organisms are slight halophiles, moderate and extreme halophiles are generally more specialized microbes, which inhabit hypersaline environments with salinity higher than in the sea. Halophilic media are formulated for isolation and cultivation of extreme halophilic species of Halo bacterium and Halo coccus from foods.They require high salt concentration of about 20-30% for optimum growth. In general, the requirement for salt by halophilic microorganisms is not an exclusive need for NaCl since many species require low level of K +, Mg++ and other ions in addition to NaCl. These bacteria can cause pink discoloration on the outer surface accompanied by putrefaction and decomposition of fish, bacon and hides preserved in sea salts. Halophilic broth contains casein acid hydrolysate, proteose peptone and yeast extract which povide all the necessary nutrients, mainly nitrogenous and vitamins to halophilic bacteria. Trisodium citrate is added to avoid the losses. Magnesium sulphate, sodium chloride and potassium choride are essential ions required for the growth of extreme halophiles.
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