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For detection of microorganisms in blood. Blood is one of the most important specimens received by the laboratory and blood culture is one of the most important and critical procedures performed in the microbiology laboratory. The isolation and identification of an organism has great diagnostic significance, blood being normally sterile. Blood cultures are of great importance in diagnosing such conditions as endocarditis, typhoid fever, pneumonia, supportive thrombophlebitis, infection of vascular grafts and other disease characterized by bacteremia. Glucose Broth supplemented w/ 0.05% SPS support the growth of a wide variety of clinically important pathogenic microorganisms, including fastidious organisms. Waisbren, Carr and Dunnett used Glucose Broth for testing antibiotic sensitivity by the tube dilution method. This medium is also used to study glucose fermentation where pH indicator is not desired. Glucose Broth was developed to exclude the ingredients like beef extract that would contain small amount of carbohydrates. Thus the glucose fermentation studies can be performed more accurately using only pure 0.5% glucose as the source of carbohydrate. Casein enzymatic hydrolysate and glucose serve as sources of essential nutrients and energy respectively to support the growth of many fastidious organisms. The casein enzymatic hydrolysate used is free of carbohydrates and glucose acts as source of energy by being the only fermentable carbohydrate. The broth gives rapid growth and hastens the early development of injured cells. Sodium chloride maintains the osmotic equilibrium. Sodium polyanethol sulfonate (SPS) is an anticoagulant and a surface-active agent which is widely employed as an additive to fluid blood culture media. It is generally considered to enhance the rate and speed of bacterial isolations by counter-acting the bacterial inhibitors of human blood. SPS is known to neutralize the bactericidal activity of fresh human serum and to inhibit phagocytosis.  
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