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For sterility testing of biologicals and for cultivation of aerobic, anaerobic and microaerophilic organisms. FLUID THIOGLYCOLLATE MEDIUM is  usedfor  sterility  testing  of  biological  and  for  cultivation  of anaerobic,  and  microaerophilic  organisms.“Brewer”  formulated  this  mediumand  is  recommended  by USP.The  mediais  also  usedfor  sterility  testing  of  antibiotics, biologicaland  foods  andalso for determining  the  phenol  coefficient  and  sporicidal  effect  of  disinfectants.  However,  it  is  intended  for  the examination of clear liquid or water-soluble materials. Fluid Thioglycollate Medium is also routinely used to check the sterility of stored blood in blood banks.The mediumcontains Pancreaticdigest of casein andYeast   extract thoseprovidesthe nitrogen   and   essential growth enhancersnecessary   for   bacterial multiplication.  Sodium  thioglycollate and L-Cystineactsas  a  reducing  agent which  maintains    a    low oxygen tension  by  removing  molecular  oxygen  from  the  environment.Indicator Resazurin dispensed throughout  the  media  causing  the  media  to  appear  pink  in  colourin oxidizedstate.Dextrose  is  a fermentable energy source. Addition of small amount of agar helps in maintaining low redox potential for stabilizing  the  medium. Addition  of  agar  in  small amount favors  the growth  of  aerobes  as  well  as anaerobeswhich retards dispersion of CO2, diffusion of oxygen, and reducing substances.On incubation at30 -350C  for  48-72  hours  shown  luxuriant  growth  in  all  the  culture  strains  tested.Sodium  chloride helps maintaining the osmotic balance.
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Dextrose, Tryptone and yeast extract, provide the growth factors necessary for bacterial multiplication. Sodium thioglycollate and L-cystine act as a reducing agent and neutralizes the toxic effects of mercurial preservatives and peroxides formed in the medium, thereby promoting anaerobiosis, and making the medium suitable to test materials containing heavy metals. The small amount of agar used in the medium favors the growth of aerobes as well as anaerobes in the medium and also helps in maintaining low redox potential for stabilizing the medium. Any increase in the oxygen content is indicated by a colour change of redox indicator, resazurin to red.

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