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for detection and isolation of Salmonella species in clinical sample. Dehydrated powder, hygroscopic in nature, store, in a dry place in tightly- sealed containers below 25°C and protect from direct Sunlight. CHROMOGENIC A. RAMBACH AGAR is used for detection and isolation of Salmonella species from clinical and food samples. The media is nutritionally rich and suitable for the growth of members of enterobacteriaceae. Propylene glycol supplemented in this media produces acid and in addition with the chromogenic mixture, helps in differentiation of non-typhi Salmonella spp. from other members of the enterobacteriaceae. Salmonella spp. produce typical red coloured colonies on this media. Coliform bacteria having β-galactosidase activity grow as blue coloured colonies. While, other gram negative bacteria develop colourless-light yellow colonies. Sodium deoxycholate inhibits the accompanying Gram positive microbes. Peptone and yeast extract serve as a source of nitrogen, carbon, vitamins and other essential micronutrients. Agar is a solidifying agent.
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TM 1841
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