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For isolation and differentiation of UTI pathogens
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TM 1833
CHROMOGENIC CLED AGAR BASE is used for isolation and presumptive identification of pathogens associated with urinary tract infection. The Cled Agar medium consists of peptone, special, as a source for nitrogen, carbon and vitamins required for organism growth. L-cystine is added as a growth supplement for cystine-dependent coliforms. Agar acts as a solidifying agent. The chromogenic substrates are cleaved by enzymes produced by Enterococcus sp., E. coli and coliforms (1-7). Lack of electrolytes prevents the swarming of Proteus species (8). Enterococci cleave one chromogen by β-glucosidase activity and give blue colonies. The enzyme β-galactosidase, produced by E. coli, cleaves other chromogen, resulting in development of pink colonies. Cleavage of both the chromogens by coliforms, produce purple colour colonies.
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