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For isolation of Clostridium botulinum from faecal samples associated with food borne & infant botulism.      C.  BOTULINUM  ISOLATION  AGAR  BASEis  used forisolation  of Clostridium  botulinum from  faecal samples associated  with  food  borne &  infant  botulism.Clostridium  botulinumis  anaerobic,  Gram  positive, spore  forming  group  of  bacteria  and  are  responsible  forthe  food  borne  disease  called  botulism.  The organism produces a neurotoxin –botulin which causes the disease botulism. Botulinal toxin is heat-labile. Therefore  the  test  samples  and  cultures  should  be  maintained  at  refrigeration  temperatures.The  flaccidmuscular paralysis occurs due to the effect of the toxin.     Medium  contains Casein  enzymatic  hydrolysate  and  Yeast  extractare  added  to  provide  the  carbon, nitrogen and vitamins for the growth of the organisms in the medium.Dextrose as source of carbohydrate and  energy.Sodium  chloride (to  maintain osmotic balance)and  Disodium  phosphate (buffering  agent). Magnesium sulphate helps  in cell division,  growth  and  enhancessporulation  of microorganisms. Agar  is used as a solidifying agent.       Supplement Egg  Yolk Emulsion  helps  in  detecting  lecithinase,  lipase  and  proteolytic  activity.The antibiotic   supplementcontainsbroad   spectrum   antibiotics;Cycloserine, Sulphamethoxazole   and Trimethoprim makes the medium very selective.  
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