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For pre-enrichment of injured Salmonella species prior to selective enrichment and isolation. It is recommended by BIS committee under specification IS:5887 (Part III) 1999, reaffirmed 2005.  BUFFERED PEPTONE WATERis used for pre enrichment of injured Salmonellaspecies prior to selective enrichment and isolationand to repair damaged cell of Salmonellae species before transfer to a selective medium  by  maintaining  a  high  pH  over  the  pre-enrichment  period.  The  high  pH  capacity  is  especially useful  for  vegetable  samples  which  have  a  low  buffering  capacity.The  media  containsPeptone as  a source  of  carbon,  nitrogen,  vitamins  and  minerals.  Sodium  chloride  maintains  the  osmotic  balance  andphosphates  buffer  the  medium.  The  broth  is  rich  in  nutrients  and  produces  high  resuscitation  rates  for sublethally injured bacteria and supports intense growth. The phosphate buffer system prevents bacterial damage  due  to  changes  in  the  pH  of  the  medium.  This  pre-enrichment  medium  is  free  from  inhibitors and  is  well  buffered  and  provides  conditions  for  resuscitation  of  the  cells  that  have  been  injured  by processes  of  food  preservation.  This  medium  can  be  used  for  testing  dry  poultry  feed.  In  a  survey involving  isolation  of Salmonellaefrom  meat  that  had  been  artificially  contaminated  with  sub-lethally injured  organisms,  pre-enrichment  in  Buffered  Peptone  Water  at  37°C  for  18  hours  before  selection  in Tetrathionate Brilliant Green Bile Broth (TM 442) showed superior results compared with direct selection method.  Lactose  Broth  (TM  1214)  is  frequently  used  as  a  pre-enrichment  medium  but  it  may  be detrimental to recovery of Salmonellae. Inoculate 10 grams specimen in 50 ml of these media and incubate at 35-37°C for 18 hours. Transfer 10 ml from this medium to 100 ml of Tetrathionate Broth (TM 413) and incubate at 43°C for 24 -48 hours and then subculture on selective plating media.
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TM 686