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For detection and confirmation of coliform bacteria in water and foods.    BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH 2% (BRILLIANT GREEN LACTOSE BILE BROTH 2%) is used for the detection  of  coliform  organisms  in  foods,  dairy  products,  water  and  wastewater,  as  well  as  in  other materials of sanitary importance.      Brilliant  Green  Bile  Broth  2%  contains  two  inhibitors  of  both  gram-positive  and  selected gram-negative organisms;i.e., Oxgall and Brilliant green dye.        Peptic  digest  of  animal  tissueprovides  the  essential  nutrients  for  growth:  nitrogen,  vitamins,  minerals and  amino  acids. Organisms,  primarily  coliforms,  which  are resistant  to  the  action  of  the  inhibitors  and which ferment Lactose are able to replicate in this medium.      Fermentation  is  detected  by  gas  production.  Gas  production  within  48  hours  is  considered  positive evidence of fermentation by coliforms. 
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TM 365