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For detection and confirmation of coliform bacteria in water and foods.     BRILLIANT  GREEN  BILE BROTH 2%(VEG) isused for detection and confirmation of coliform bacteria in  water  and  foods.  It  is  one  of  the  most  widely  used  medium  for  this  purpose.  This  medium  isthe modification  of  Brilliant  green  bile  broth  2%  which  is  usedfor  the  presumptive  identification  and confirmation of coliform bacteria.          Lactose  is  the  fermentable  carbohydrate. Gram positivebacteria  are  inhibited  by  brilliant  greenand synthetic  detergent.  Production  of  gas  from  lactose  fermentation  is  detected  by  incorporating  inverted Durhams tube, which indicates the positive evidence of faecal coliform since non faecal coliforms growing in this mediumdo not produce gas.        During  examinations  of  water  sample,  growth  from  presumptive  positive  tubes  showing  gas  in  Lactose Broth (TM 757) or Lauryl Tryptose Broth (TM 150) is inoculated in Brilliant Green broth 2% (TMV 365). Gas formation within 48±2hours confirms the presumptive test.
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TMV 365