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For enumeration of coliform bacteria in water and foods.    BRILLIANT  GREEN  BILE  AGAR(VEG.) is  used  for  enumeration  of  coliform  bacteria  in  water  and foods.   It   uses   Basic   fuchsin   to   differentiate   between   positive   lactose-fermenting   and   lactose-non-fermenting  bacteria.  The  Veg.  Peptone  provides  the essential  nutrients  for  growth:  nitrogen,  vitamins,minerals and amino acids. Lactose is the fermentable carbohydrate providing carbon and energy. Sodium deoxycholate and  Brilliant green inhibit Gram-positive  bacteria and most Gram-negative bacteria exceptColiforms.   Acetaldehyde   production   by   lactose-fermenting   organisms,   such   as E.coli, produce characteristic red colonies with a pink surrounding area, marked by its reaction with Sodium sulphite in the presence of Basic fuchsin, a pH indicator. Lactose non-fermenters form colorless, transparent colonies. For the enumeration of coliform bacteria employ  sample dilutions,  which yield between 10 - 50 coloniesper  plate  using  the  pour  plate  method.  Therefore,  several  dilutions  should  be  made  in  the  melted medium, poured and once gelled, incubated at 35 ± 2°C for 18 - 24 hours. The coliform colonies have anintensely  red  center  zone  surrounded  by  a  pink  halo  sharply  outlined  against  the  uniformly  blue background of the medium. Salmonella spp.which do not ferment Lactose, produce colorless to pale pink colonies.  The  medium  is  sensitive  to  light,  which  reduces  its  effectiveness  and  changes  its  color  fromstrong blue to purple or pink. The medium should be prepared immediately before use and, if necessary,stored in the dark for as little time as possible.
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TMV 048