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For detection of fastidious microorganisms in blood.      BRAIN   HEART   INFUSION   BROTHis   used   as   Blood   culturing   system   for   the   detection   of microorganisms.  Medium  can  also  be  used  for  the  selective  isolation  of  fastidious  fungi  (especially of Histoplasma capsulatumand Blastomyces), the growth of the accompanying bacterial and saprophyticyeasts and  moulds  flora  can  be  almost  completely  suppressed  by  adding  components  mixtures  such  as:  12  mg Penicillin and 40μg Streptomycin per litre; 50mg Chloramphenicol and 500mg Cycloheximide per litre; 50mg Gentamicin and/or 50mg Chloramphenicol per litre. BHI is an enriched non-selective broth medium that  is  useful  in  the  cultivating  of  fastidious  and  non-fastidious  microorganisms.    This  medium  will  also support  the  growth  of  aerobic  microorganisms  from  a  variety  of  clinical  and  non-clinical  specimens.The basal  medium  is  infusion  from  brains  and  beef  heart  and  supplemented  with  vitamin  K1  and  hemin  as growth factors for most anaerobes.  Hemolytic activity does not occured when blood has been added due to its glucose content. On handling Histoplasma capsulatumhighly care should be taken to avoid dissemination of  its  infective  spores.  The  culture  should  be  examined  in  a  closed  filtered  air cabinet  after the  incubation period of 24hours at 35-37ºC.  
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