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For isolation and cultivation of fastidious pathogenic microorganisms after addition of blood. BLOOD AGAR BASE(VEG.) is  used for  isolation, cultivation  of fastidious  pathogenic microorganisms after  addition  of  blood.  Blood  agar  base  medium  can  also  be  used  for  primary  isolation  of Haemophilus species, where defibrinated sheep blood is used to enrich the medium. The cultures of Streptococci sp. are highly  infective  should  be  handled  with  care.  Medium  contains  a  rich  nutrient  base,  which  provides optimal growth conditions for all relevant microorganisms. Veg. Tryptone and Veg. BH infusion suppliesamino   acids,   minerals   and   other   essential   growth   factors   in   the   medium   for   the   growth   of microorganisms.  Sodium  chloride  maintains  the  osmotic  balance  of  the  medium.  Agar  is  a  solidifying agent.  On  addition  of  blood  the  pH  value  of  6.8  stabilizes  and  favours  the  formation  of  clear  hemolysis zones.  Fresh,  defibrinated  sheep  blood  is  most  suitable  for  determing  hemolysis  forms.  If  the  culture medium  base  is  to  be  used  without  blood,  the  pH  should,  however,  be  adjusted  to  7.3  ±  0.2  since  most bacterial colonies appear  somewhat  earlier  and grow better in a slightly alkaline medium. This medium inhibits gram-positive bacteria especially bacilli and fecal Streptococci with α- hemolytic activity, however, Neisseria sp. showed none  of the hemolytic activity with good growth pattern of culture after incubation period of 48 hours. 
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