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For selective isolation of fastidious pathogenic microorganisms after addition of blood.  BLOOD  AGAR  BASE  (INFUSION  AGAR) is  used  for  isolation,  cultivation  of  fastidious  pathogenicmicroorganisms after addition of blood. This mediacan be used as general purpose mediaalso, withoutbloodaddition.Blood  agar  base  medium  can  also  be  used  for  primary  isolationof Haemophilusspecies, where  defibrinated  sheep  blood  is  used  to enrich  the  medium. Medium  contains  a  rich  nutrient  base,which  provides  optimal  growth  conditions  for  all  relevant  microorganisms.  Tryptone  and  Brain  Heartinfusion suppliesamino acids, minerals and other essential growth factors in the medium for the growthof microorganisms. Sodium chloride maintains the osmotic balance of the medium. Agar is a solidifyingagent.  On  addition  of  blood  the  pH  value  of  6.8 stabilizes  and  favours the  formation  of  clear  hemolysiszones.  Fresh,  defibrinated  sheep  blood  is  most  suitable  for  determent  hemolysis  forms. It gives  best results for Group A Streptococci. But sheep blood fails to supportgrowth of Haemophilus haemolyticusdueto deficiencyofpyridine nucleotides. However,addition ofhorse blood supports H. haemolyticusgrowth and haemolysis and the growing coloniesmimic Streptococcus pyogenes.
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TRM 360
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