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Bhi Media is used for detection of microorganisms in blood.   BHI  Supplemented  w/  0.05%  is  used  for  detection  of  microorganisms,  including  aerobic  and  anaerobic bacteria. Brain  Heart  Infusion  Broth is  a  modification  of  the  original  formulation  of  Rosenow,  where  he added pieces of brain tissues to dextrose broth. Brain Heart Infusion Broth is also the preferred medium for   anaerobic   bacteria,   yeasts   and   moulds.The   media   is   especially   suited   for   the   cultivation   of staphylococci for the plasma coagulase test and for setting up blood cultures. Addition of ascites permits the  cultivation of gonococci. With the  addition of 10% defibrinated sheep  blood,  it is useful for  isolation and  cultivation  of Histoplasma  capsulatumand  other  fungi.  For  selective  isolation  of  fungi,  addition  of gentamicin and/ or chloramphenicol is recommended.BHI media is also used for preparing the inoculum used in antimicrobial susceptibility tests.     Beef  heart,  Brain  infusions  and  Peptone provides  organic  nitrogen,  carbon,  and  vitamins. Dextrose  is carbohydrate  source.  Low  concentration  of  dextrose  is  used  to  stimulate  early  growth.  Sodium  chloride maintains the osmotic environment. Disodium phosphate is buffering agent.     BHI  Media  can  be  supplemented Sodium  polyanethol  sulfonate(SPS)which  isused  as  a  non-toxic anticoagulant  which  enables  bacterial  growth  and  prevents  the  action  of  natural  bacterial  inhibitors  of blood.
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