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For isolation and enumeration of coagulase positive Staphylococci from food and other products. It is recommended by BIS committee under specificationIS: 5887 (Part II) 1976, reaffirmed 2005.   BAIRD  PARKER  AGAR  BASEis  used  for  theisolationandenumerationof  coagulase  positive Staphylococci. Caseinenzymatic  hydrolysate,  Beef  extract  arethe source of  carbon  andnitrogen. Yeast  extract   provides  vitamins ( B-complex )  which  helps  in  stimulating  bacterial  growth. The  selectivity  of    the    medium    is    maintained    by    the    addition    of    Lithium    chloride    and    3.5  %    of    PotassiumTellurite    solution.  Both    are    helpful  in    suppressing  the    growth    of    other    organism    exceptStaphylococci    sp.Lithium  chloride  and  potassium  tellurite  inhibit  the  accompanying  flora.  Glycine  and Sodium pyruvate stimulatethe growthof Staphylococci. Staphylococci that contain lecithinase break down the egg yolk and form clear zones around the colonies. Black colonies are formed due to reduction of the Potassium tellurite to tellurium. The plates should be dry before inoculation (the drying can be done by incubating  at  35  ±  2°C  for  approximately  10  minutes  before  use).  Prepare  the  sample  in  an  adequate solution,  dilute  it  and  place  from  0.1  ml  to  1.0  ml  of  the  appropriate  dilution  in  the  plates.  Spread  the inoculum over the entire surface. Typical S. aureus colonies are black, shiny, convex and surrounded by a clear  zone  of  approximately  2 -5      mm  in  diameter.  Some  other  micro-organisms,  which  occasionally grow  on  this  medium,  are micrococci that  form  small  dark  or  black  colonies, yeasts that  form  white colonies and some species of Bacillus that form dark brown matte colonies.  
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